About Tendering Center

Tendering Center is founded on the philosophy that technological innovation can always provide a better way of doing business.

Tendering Center is a web-based, collaborative procurement platform designed to facilitate the full tendering process for both tenders and bidders within the private sector and across multiple sectors and industries, mainly construction contractors, wholesale, IT & computer services, healthcare and consultancy.

Powered By Innovation

With its unique innovative solutions, Tendering Center offers customers a new and improved digital tendering process and advanced analytics tools that promise new levels of procurement performance designed to help businesses optimize their operations and procurement processes. The interactive digital platform provides access to a centralized database of reliable business partners and offers an easy-to-use web-based system that streamlines the oft-complicated tendering and bidding process.

Tendering Center utilizes a rigorous tendering process, based on carefully curated selection requirements and criteria in order to obtain the best the market has to offer; thereby maximizing competition to ensure the best proposals are carried out with the utmost transparency and efficiency.

Turning Problems…

Tendering Center aims to solve the multitude of problem tenders and bidders face with the tendering process to guarantee it is free of issues such as limited outreach, bribery, complicated processes and corruption, by providing users with a platform that promises efficiency, quality and guarantees user professionalism.

…Into Solutions

Tendering Center provides an array of functions to serve both bidders and tenders, including:

  • creating a unique company/user profile
  • posting and managing tenders
  • calling for and inviting bidders
  • submitting and managing bids
  • rating other users to ensure quality
  • and much more