Revolutionizing The Procurement Process

The manual tender process tends to be long and costly for both tenderers and bidders. Tendering Center has replaced these manual processes with processes that reduce both wasted time and costs. With a highly automated tendering system, tender specifications as well as the evaluation and placing of the contract can be done easily.

Some of the benefits include:

Improved Tendering Process

  • Reduced procurement cycle time
  • Fast and easy communication leading to faster response rate to questions
  • Simplification or elimination of repetitive tasks
  • Fast and accurate evaluation of suppliers
  • Overall improved transparency

Improved Procurement Performance

  • Increased competition helping obtain the best the market has to offer
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Reduction in value leakage
  • Improved quality of procurement data enabling better data-driven decisions
  • Increased fairness, reducing issues such as bribery and corruption